Must-Have Men’s Clothing Items for Summer

Must-Have Men’s Clothing Items for Summer

A Man's Guide To Finding The Right T-Shirt

by Natalie Price

When you're looking for something casual, you probably go straight toward the t-shirt section. As the epitome of laid-back, guys often rely on this fashion staple for every day wear. Even if you've been wearing t-shirts forever, you may not know that all t-shirts aren't the same. Once you learn some of the key points that distinguish the styles, you'll never look at the t-shirts for sale the same.

The Neckline Makes the Statement

The shirts neckline makes the style statement. The two main neckline options for t-shirts are crew and V-neck. The crew neckline has a rounded shape that rests just at the base of your neck, somewhat framing it.

This shirt is the more casual of the two and is more forgiving in that it draws the eyes outward, giving the illusion of strong, broad shoulders. The V-neck, is the tuxedo of t-shirts, as it has a dressier look. However, instead of drawing the eyes outward, it draws them in. If you have a large midsection, this shirt may highlight it.

The Wrong Length Throws Everything Off

Whether you're wearing a suit or a t-shirt, the goal is always to look your best. If this is a goal of yours and you're not being mindful of the length of the shirt, you want to pay more attention. Long t-shirts aren't the most flattering for everyone.

First, if you're someone who wants to look taller, avoid a long t-shirt as it will cut off a portion of your legs and make you look even shorter. If you're someone who has a wider midsection and you want to look slimmer, you should also avoid long-t-shirts as they may rest on your backside and make you look wider. Ideally, the shirt should fall just below your waistline.

The Right Material Will Keep You Happiest

Looking good is only partially about style, the other parts are comfort and confidence. If you aren't choosing the right materials for your t-shirts, you could fall short in the latter areas. In terms of comfort, you can't really get better than pure cotton shirts.

They don't cling to the body, they're soft and highly absorbing, making them ideal for warmer weather wear. When it's a little cooler outside, you could go for a 50/50 blend of polyester and still feel great.

Just remember, just because they all look the same, this doesn't mean all t-shirts are the same. Take your time, remember these key points and you will feel as great as you look. 


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Must-Have Men’s Clothing Items for Summer

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