Must-Have Men’s Clothing Items for Summer

Must-Have Men’s Clothing Items for Summer

Proper Training Gear For Marathon Training

by Natalie Price

Preparing for a marathon requires you to spend hours outdoors running. You'll need to run mornings, nights, and weekends to make sure you are trained up for the big race. One of the most important parts of training is having the right gear. Here's what you need.

Sneakers Designed For Your Foot Stride

If you haven't made sure you have the right sneakers, then it is the first thing you should do. You need to make sure the shoes are designed for the way your foot "falls." If you overpronate, then it is important that the soles of the sneaker are designed for overpronation. Sneakers are designed for either overpronators, neutral foot fall, or underpronation. If you don't know how your foot falls, you can get this diagnosed at a good running sneaker shop.

Polyester Instead of Cotton Shirts

Cotton is a nice fabric, but it is terrible for long distance running. There is a reason running shirts are made from polyester. That reason is sweat. Cotton gets wet and stays wet, which is not what you want on a long run where you're going to be sweating. You might see a person in a movie running in a dark cotton shirt with a large v-sweat stain and think it's cool, but that's Hollywood. Head out to any racetrack and look at real runners and you will see them wearing poly shirts. These shirts are super fast to dry, so you won't end up running in a soaking wet, heavy shirt.

Anti-Chafing Body Balm

Runners rash is a real problem. It can happen on your thighs, groin area, and nipples. You can get a body balm that can be applied like a stick deodorant that will prevent the fabric from irritating the skin. One important thing for ladies to understand is that it's not just guys who get bloody nipples. While it is a big concern for guys (some guys go so far as to use duct tape to protect their skin) it can also be a problem for women if they wear ill-fitting sports bras, so make sure you get a good, snug fit.

Running Shorts With Smartphone Pocket

A new pair of running shorts is necessary. It should be made of a synthetic material so it will not hold sweat (like the cotton t-shirt mentioned above). You should also make sure that it has a special pocket that will hold your smartphone. You don't want to hold the phone while you are jogging because you could drop it and break it. Even if you think you have a good grip, remember that your hands are going to be hot and might be sweaty, and that's not something you want on your phone. While you could use a regular pair of shorts, the pockets will be too large for a smartphone and it will bounce around while you're running. This can cause the headphone cord to jangle around. A specially made pair of running pants with a smartphone pocket is the best solution.


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Must-Have Men’s Clothing Items for Summer

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